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Santa Clarita, CA January 17, 2012 (Featured on

Small Company Makes Ingrown Toenail Treatment a Simple Home Remedy

CurveCorrect Produces Ingrown Toenail Treatment Shown to Cure Ingrown Toenails Without Surgery

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment, a subsidiary of Oliana LLC, is the producer of a product it says will reduce curved toenail deformities and treat ingrown toenails. The Los Angeles-based orthopedic device firm has developed a unique process to eliminate ingrown toenails without surgery. The company says it originally designed the product for professional application in 2008 but recently it has undergone redevelopment to be applied by the individual in their own home.

Director of Sales for CurveCorrect Jason Ree says, "Most people believe ingrown toenails can only be eliminated with a surgical procedure. The truth is, your toenails constantly renew themselves and because nails are made up of a flexible material called keratin they can be trained to grow naturally, even after many years of the condition." CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment consists of a spring like composite material which is applied to the toenail for the purposes of reshaping the nail plate. Once the toenail has been corrected ingrown toenail symptoms go away.

"This product has many advantages over surgery that make it a more desirable option," said Ree. "Among them are the absence of pain and recovery during treatment, no cutting or removal of the nail is necessary and lastly it costs much less than surgery." Clinical tests have shown its product has a rate of recurrence of just 8%, similar to that of surgery.

According to the American Podiatric Medicine Association, 5% of the United States population or 31 million people will visit a doctor for ingrown toenail treatment each year. At least another 5% is estimated to be affected but never seek ingrown toenail treatment from a physician. Shoes that fit too tight are the #1 cause of ingrown toenails. Women are up to 4 times more likely than men to have ingrown toenail problems due to high heels and more restrictive shoes. Says Ree, "A condition this common needs a more simple solution -- we feel that CurveCorrect is a fantastic solution."

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment enables people of all ages to eliminate ingrown toenail pain and avoid office surgery or continuous self-surgery. CurveCorrect provides its customers with a simple product that treats ingrown toenails conveniently and painlessly.


Santa Clarita, CA November 15, 2011 (Featured on Yahoo News)

Innovative Ingrown Toenail Treatment Available for Home Use

Now Available for Application by the User, CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment Provides Those Suffering From Ingrown Toenails a Better Alternative to Self-Surgery and Office Surgery

CurveCorrect announced the redesign of their product CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment to enable application by the user at home. CurveCorrect, a small company in Southern California, has been treating the ingrown toenails of customers in and around Los Angeles County since 2008. Previously the product had to be applied by a technician making a house call therefore it was only available to residents within range of their office in Santa Clarita, CA. The product is available now on the company website.

CurveCorrect has responded to requests to treat patients farther and farther away. "Growth pushed by ingrown toenail treatment requests from outside our coverage area propelled us to create a product that could be applied by the user," said Jason Ree, Founder and Director of Sales for CurveCorrect. "This required a complete redesign of the product. Before, ease of application wasn't a major concern. Now with customers treating themselves, making ingrown toenail treatment easy to perform by the average individual was a high priority."

"With this change in our business approach it's important that support is available for our customers if they have questions or run into problems. We've added the necessary customer support through both email and a help line." According to Jason, "We want to make sure our customers can get assistance whenever they need it."

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment eliminates common ingrown toenails without the need for surgery. Treatment demonstrates a low recurrence rate equal to ingrown toenail surgery, however compared to surgery CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment is painless, convenient, non-invasive, inexpensive and requires no cutting or application of chemicals.

"I developed CurveCorrect out of necessity. I've had severe ingrown toenails for as long as I can remember," said Jason. "I underwent a failed ingrown toenail surgery when I was a teenager. While the surgery provided me with temporary relief, the condition returned within a year. I felt I had no other option. I began testing different ideas and designs on myself and eventually came up with CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment. My ingrown toenails have been eliminated as well as the ingrown toenails of thousands in our community."

Ingrown toenail pain is the result of a toenail that has become excessively curved. Ingrown toenails develop because of improper foot and nail care. Tight fitting shoes and trimming toenails too short are the top causes. An estimated 31 million Americans experience recurring ingrown toenails. "As a child I was never shown how to trim my toenails correctly or that my shoes may be too tight." According to Jason, "This is something parents must be made aware of and educate their children. During the childhood years is where 80% of ingrown toenail conditions start. Changes in the toenail and surrounding tissues during the development of an ingrown toenail are permanent. Until recently the only lasting solution was surgery."

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment is a very thin, flexible and transparent composite material that's applied to the toenail. After the product has been applied the user can go about their daily activities as usual. Ingrown toenail pain is eliminated within the first few days. Correction of the toenail continues for the next few weeks while the toenail returns to a more healthy shape. After a few months, treatment is discontinued. With proper foot and nail care the ingrown toenail will never return.

As the leader in this type of innovative treatment for ingrown toenails, CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment enables people of all ages to eliminate ingrown toenail pain and avoid office surgery or continuous self-surgery. CurveCorrect provides its customers with a simple product that treats ingrown toenails conveniently and painlessly.