Is CurveCorrect Right for You?

CurveCorrect treats ingrown toenails having a variety of toenail shapes, toenail sizes and toenail thicknesses.  However, it has limitations.  Here are some things to think about if you’re considering CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment.

  • An open wound.  If your toenail has punctured the skin, the toenail brace adhesive may have trouble bonding with your toenail.  The adhesive can’t bond with a toenail saturated with pus or blood.  If infection has developed you should seek the help of a physician.
  • Chemical substances.  The nail brace adhesive is highly sensitive to contaminants on the surface of your toenail, particularly substances that are petroleum based.  If you’ve used topical nail medications, ointment, toenail softeners or essential oils, your toenail has absorbed these and can prevent the adhesive from bonding for weeks after, even through many washings.  Likewise, these can weaken an existing toenail brace application.
  • Extreme nail curvature.  Nail curvature greater than approximately 180° can create stress levels that cause the adhesive to fail.  Severe nail deformities like this are usually the result of close fitting shoes or a fungal nail infection.
  • Toenail fungus.  Fungus causes the toenail to thicken and develop increased curvature.  This makes the toenail brace more difficult to apply and your toenail will be resistant to the force of the toenail brace.  CurveCorrect can treat fungal nails but the curvature will return as long as the fungus exists.  Not sure?  We can help you identify nail fungus.  Send us a photo.
  • Can you reach your feet?  If reaching your feet is difficult, then you will have trouble applying the nail brace.  In these cases, many of our customers ask a family member, friend or nail salon for help.
  • Children.  Be sure to select the appropriate nail brace tension level for a child.  Individuals under the age of 8 should not use CurveCorrect.  See our nail brace tension guidelines.

Have a question about a unique situation?  Ask us.