About Us

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment, a subsidiary of Oliana LLC, is a Seattle-based orthopedic device firm. We've developed a unique process to eliminate ingrown toenails without surgery. CurveCorrect is a simple yet incredibly effective product you can use to fix ingrown toenails and improve the health and appearance of your feet. Years of tight fitting shoes or improper toenail trimming results in permanent toenail deformity. CurveCorrect trains your toenails to grow correctly once again.


How We Began

CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment began treating ingrown toenails in 2008. Back then we made house calls to apply CurveCorrect to those with ingrown toenails in our area. Our customers told their friends about the successes we had fixing their ingrown toenails and word of mouth spread. We began getting requests to treat ingrown toenails from further and further away until the distances became so large we decided to redevelop CurveCorrect for application at home by the user and offer it on our company website.

Today we have doctors and nail professionals from all over the world fixing the ingrown toenails of their patients and customers as well as individuals applying it themselves at home. The product continues to evolve as we find better materials and techniques making it more effective and easier to apply. Our business has grown but we still love talking to customers and receiving their praise. Happy customers continues to be what drives us each day.

Everyday thousands of people visit our website seeking information on how to fix an ingrown toenail at home and to improve the health of their feet. Let us help you too. If you have questions please email us.