How it Works

CurveCorrect takes a modern approach on how to treat ingrown toenails, using a flexible composite toenail brace.


These braces are made of a thin, virtually invisible material that you bond across the surface of your toenail. The toenail brace behaves like a spring, applying a gentle force that straightens the curve of your toenail. When pressure from each side of the toenail against your skin is reduced, ingrown toenail pain quickly goes away.

This is possible because toenails regenerate.

Toenails are made up of a flexible protein called keratin and completely renew themselves every 6-12 months. Due to the flexibility and regenerative qualities of keratin it's possible to change the shape of your toenail over time. In many cases this is a permanent change.

What to do

Follow the instructions to apply the toenail brace. Each treatment (toenail brace application) will remain bonded for 3-6 weeks or more.

For those who are experiencing their first ingrown toenail or who experience them occasionally, just one or two treatments will correct the curve of the toenail permanently.

Chronic ingrown toenail sufferers should apply treatments continuously, without interruption, through a complete regrowth cycle of the toenail. This minimizes the chance of recurrence. 10 braces are supplied with the ingrown toenail kit.

What to expect

Ingrown toenail pain is reduced or eliminated shortly after applying the brace.

The curve of the toenail becomes less over a period of 1-3 weeks.

Relief of pressure from the toenail enables healing of infected tissues, inflammation and swelling.

The toenail will appear wider, flatter and more healthy.


Before Treatment


After Treatment (47 Days)

Preventing recurrence after treatment

Proper foot and toenail care is critical to prevent ingrown toenail recurrence.

Wear shoes minimally or at least wear shoes that leave room for the toes to move freely. Trim your toenails straight across without rounding the corners.