NailEase vs. CurveCorrect


What makes CurveCorrect better than NailEase for treating ingrown toenails?

  • 10 Toenail Braces

  • Our Transparent Brace

  • Better Quality Components

If you compare cost per toenail brace, NailEase is 3 times the price. CurveCorrect comes with 10 toenail braces so you don't have to order over and over again. If you lose your NailEase toenail brace you'll have to buy a whole new kit.

We've developed components that are safe and produced specifically for CurveCorrect in the treatment of ingrown toenails. NailEase supplies their kit with components you can buy yourself.

Our toenail brace is transparent so you don't have to answer the question "what is that on your toenail?" The NailEase toenail brace is black and plainly visible.

100% Guarantee
If you're unhappy with our product for any reason we'll refund your purchase, plus pay return shipping. We have maximum confidence that our product delivers results. NailEase won't promise you that. Read our reviews.

Customer Service
We make supporting our customers after the sale a priority. If you ever need anything please contact us at 1-833-840-4320 or email.