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Wondering how to get rid of an ingrown toenail? We've helped thousands of ingrown toenail sufferers like you treat ingrown toenails forever. Providing customers from all over the world with a way to get rid of ingrown toenails has presented us with lots of feedback. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to help so many people get rid of this painful condition.

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Just applied your Curves to my two big toenails. This stuff is crazy. My left toenail is the one in particular that especially gives me trouble. Immediate relief! Crazy! I look forward to what the long-term will be. Crazy!

Thanks for an ingenious product!"

10/8/2014, Brad Hayashi, Tucson AZ


"Was a little wary purchasing the product, had nothing to lose, so went ahead. Admittedly, a little tricky applying because my toenail was so painful and sensitive to even slight pressure, but once on, perfect. Woke the next morning after a full night sleep (used to just the sheer weight and touch of a quilt causing pain) and was totally amazed that i had no pain whatsoever and could actually apply pressure to my big toenail without tears!! I am now 3 weeks into my first curve correct strip, still completely pain free (someone stood on my toe the other day and i actually didn't let out a barrage of obscenities!) and i can see my toenail straightening out beautifully. I actually painted my toenails for the first time in years last week! I will continue to use it until i have a full new nail grown i think. 

THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING! Do NOT waste money on anything else on the market, THIS WORKS! What a pleasure to see the nail changing shape week to week and to have no pain! Only fellow sufferers understand!!
Best invention ever! Thanks SO much!"

9/16/2014, Jayne, Warwick UK


"I was impressed by the Amazon reviews and thought I'd give it a go - I had nothing to lose. I was considering having the ingrown toe nails on both my big toes sorted out surgically but had read about how the piece that is cut out will never grown again - which would obviously leave the toenails a lot smaller and disfigured and decided against it and looked for other options. I found CurveCorrect online and based on the reviews - ordered my first kit.

As soon as put them on, I could feel them working - without a word of a lie the next morning I woke up and could see a big improvement - my toenails looked wider and could see edges that I hadn't seen in a long time - I could see that it was working. My ingrown toe nails never hurt me much because I have a professional nail drill (I used to be a nail technician) and was able to drill out the debris and keep them from getting painful - but it never cured it. I am however vain and want my toes restored back to their original non ingrown state so I can feel comfortable wearing sandals again and paint my toenails etc.

I will be wearing this product religiously until both nails have grown out completely to ensure they don't go back to being ingrown.

This product is a godsend - does what it says on the tin - so rare nowadays, and the customer service is absolutely outstanding.

I can't recommend this product highly enough - just go for it - you won't be sorry!!!"

9/8/2014, Melanie Skivington, London UK


"I was skeptical when I first saw CurveCorrect but decided to give it a try anyway. I have had an ingrown toenail for 10 years. Within about 1 hour of applying CurveCorrect the pain started going away. After 2 days the pain was completely gone and the inflammation in my toe was gone. I have been using this for 1 week now and I am amazed at how this is working. I wish i would have found this earlier. Anyone who is suffering from an ingrown toenail don't hesitate to try this."

9/3/2014, Philip Ortais, San Diego CA


"CurveCorrect is amazing!!!! Very happy I order it, no more pain :)"

8/30/2014, Roland, Belleair FL


"Love this! I received them, put them on and I have no more problems. Ingrown toenail pain went away and toenails are looking and feeling better day by day. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has the start of a bad toe nail."

8/27/2014, Steve, Chillicothe TX


"WOW ... Jason

What excellent customer service.

I'm impressed with your ability to resolve my issue.

Again, many thanks!"

8/25/14, Alaxandra, Doral FL


"I have used CurveCorrect for a few months now and it works beautifully! My toenail is curved and was causing me a lot of pain. After applying the first brace within 24 hours I was pain free. This is a great alternative to having ingrown toenail surgery, and I would highly recommend it to anyone that suffers with ingrown or curved nails."

8/13/2014, Deanna W, Snohomish WA


"I have been using the curvecorrect braces for about a month now and have had a noticeable improvement of my ingrown toenails. The application of the toenail braces was quite easy after following the instructions. Shipping was quick, and I had a very prompt follow-up when I had questions. I recommend this product!"

7/4/2014, Tim Sweetnam, Kamloops BC


"I credit saving my nail to your product! I used a total of three strips and it took about seven months. Excellent!"

6/26/2014, Charles Pettis, Macon GA


"Hi curve correct. I have had ingrown toenails my whole life and was thinking about going under the knife when I found curve correct online. It took a bit of practice to get the bands on but once I did I had relief instantly. No longer do I have to worry about excruciating pain when I bump my toe. Thank you for sharing this treatment!"

6/26/2014, Tracy C, Lebanon NJ


"I have been using CurveCorrect on my big toes for several months with very good results. They will need a few more months of treatment.  Highly recommend this product."

6/20/2014, Joe Geszvain, Winslow AZ


"I have to start by saying that this is the best invention in history of mankind! After several procedures I was pretty much without any hope and considered permanent removal of my toe nails. And then I found curve correct, en my entire world changed! I must admit that, I most probably had the same doubt like a lot others that this will not work, but because of all the discomfort and pain I still decided to give it a try (must admit a year after I've ordered it), and never looked back."

6/5/2014, Tharina N, Westonaria SA


"This product worked! I was amazed at how fast my toenail flattened out. WOW!! Only wish I had discovered this years ago."

5/30/2014, Laressa G, Seal Beach CA


"This product is amazing! I have dealt with ingrown toenail issues for 20 years, even had surgery on 2 toes. Any chance I get I am recommending CurveCorrect."

5/21/2014, Cindy C, Florence KY


"CurveCorrect is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but better! My big toenails have been curved, occasionally painfully, for decades. I’ve tried ingrown toenail home remedies without success, and imagined a product that could apply an “counter curve” force for years. CurveCorrect provides this! After 2 months my toenails are almost straight. I highly recommend CurveCorrect. It just works!"

5/18/2014, Amy L, Burlingame CA


First off, I want to thank you for SOLVING a 32 year old problem with my ingrown toenails. The CurveCorrect is the ONLY thing that has fixed and alleviated my ingrown toenails. I thought for the last 10 years or so that I just had curved nails, but when the pain became worse and worse, and I was unable to slide my feet under the sheets because the FEELING of the sheet caused pain throughout my body; I knew I needed a fix and fast. I somehow came across your product and took the plunge after reading all the positive reviews. I'm so glad I did, the pain subsided within 3 days - amazing!"

5/14/2014, Amanda H, White Lake MI


"My husband ordered the Curve Correct for my ingrown toenail. When we received it I kind of laughed and thought that was a complete waste of money, but we had it so we thought why not give it a try. Best decision we ever made!! At first while I had it on (the first three weeks) it still hurt a lot, but one morning I got up and noticed my toe wasn't so sore, then in the next couple weeks it didn't hurt at all. This product really worked, it saved me from having part of my toenail removed and the nerve endings deadened. I would recommend this to anyone!!"

5/6/2014, Laurel W, Fate TX


"CurveCorrect is amazing. The product corrected the curving of my right big toenail. The toenail is completely straight now and no pain from the nail getting into the skin. If you are getting curved toenails and don’t like the way they look, or if they start to curve and hurt the skin, try this. It works!"

5/6/2014, Tracy E


"I didn't have any issues with my toenails until after I underwent months of chemo. Many of the drugs used to treat cancer cause nail problems. Mine became severely deformed with prominent curves on the nails of both great toes. One curved down into the toe, the other pulled away from the toenail bed on the sides and pinched my toe. The pain was extreme. I tried all the self-help remedies I could find online without success and was just about resigned to seeing a specialist when I happened upon your website. I especially liked that your product, unlike others I had seen, came with multiple braces because I was fairly certain correction would take more than one application. After the initial learning curve to get the braces properly adhered, I had excellent results. It took some time to completely correct but the pain stopped within minutes and over the course of several treatments, my toenails were no longer curved. Thank you for making this solution to a very painful condition available. I never hesitate to recommend it. As a bonus, your customer service is excellent. Thank you again."

5/5/2014, Debbie Whitehead


"I wished I had known about this wonderful product 2 years ago."

4/29/2014, B Chang, Singapore


"I'm 60 years old and never had a problem with ingrown toenails until just a few months ago. I had purchased a new brand of golf shoes and suspect that the added pressure of the new shoes on my large toes was responsible for creating the condition since I play a lot of golf. After experiencing a growing amount of pain on the 4 corners of my large toes, my wife suggested that have a pedicure done at a highly rated local nail salon. I had never had a pedicure done before - but was fortunate to find a lady who was very good at working on ingrown nails. Within 30 minutes the pain was gone and I was OK - except that about 3 weeks later the pain returned and began to get worse. After a couple of monthly pedicures which did provide short term relief, I did not think I was making any long term progress and started Googleing for long term cures. I discovered CurveCorrect, read the positive reviews and bought the product on Amazon.

It was a bit of a learning curve to trim the toenail strips to size and then to glue them on correctly. I messed one up and found that I had to carefully remove all the dried adhesive before I could get a replacement strip to stick on properly. I used the strips right after the pedicure - so there was no immediate relief since my toes were in good shape.

For the first month, the toenail strips did not seem to make a difference. The pain began again much like it did without the strips. I called CurveCorrect and reached a very helpful support person who picked up the phone on the first ring. He suggested that I try a slightly stiffer strip and agreed to send me several stiffer ones that I received within a couple of days - all at no charge! These worked much better - probably due to the fact that I must have thicker than average toenails.

It has now been three months and I am totally pain free. I have been continuing to get monthly pedicures since I now like them - but am finding that the pedicures are probably no longer needed since the toenail strips appear to be working. I plan to continue use of the strips for 3 more months in order to allow my toenails to go through a full re-growth cycle. Since the strips stay on for upwards of 60 days - it is not much hassle to keep using the product for a full cycle.

One caution: I learned that the toenail strips can also be secured with water resistance super glue. However the adhesive supplied by CurveCorrect is a more expensive hospital grade material and much more sanitary than normal super glue. Stick with the CurveCorrect adhesive - especially if you have any open wounds in the affected area.


4/23/2014, Paul M, Atherton CA


"I was desperate to be out of pain without having to go to the doctor. I was looking up things on the web and came across CurveCorrect. I ordered it thinking what did I have to lose.....within a day the pain was much less...within a couple days...no more pain. Don't hesitate....get it....it works!"

4/21/2014, Elaine Brown, Peoria AZ


"Everything is going well so far, and I can hardly believe my ingrown toenail pain went away within 24 hours. I can wear all of my shoes, and actually touch my toe!"

4/9/2014, Susan, Patterson CA


"I began suffering from ingrown toenails about 2 years ago. It got to the point where i had to go to urgent care to take care of the puss infected toe nail. After $300 worth of medical bills and half of my toenail gone the pain ceased...only to return once my nail grew back. Miraculously I found this product and even though I was a little skeptical about it I decided to give it a shot instead of wasting $300 and going to urgent care. I received the product and immediately applied the brace as directed. 2-3 days later the pain and swelling was gone. It has now been about 4-5 weeks and the toenail is completely flat and no longer ingrown. I HIGHLY recommend this product and thank who ever made this brilliant invention."

4/2/2014, Jay Marquez, Bloomington CA


"Friends, until a few weeks ago I had been under the care of a podiatrist who cut my toenails in a curve, cutting deeply at the corners. Since I stopped seeing him, one toenail of a big toe has been pushing at the skin and was sensitive to the touch. Hard to believe, but one day after attaching a toenail strip from your kit, the pain was gone! The result of application was so sudden that I wonder if it was due to an excess of the bonding liquid forming a protective barrier between toenail and skin. One question please why are the strips so narrow? Anyway, my compliments for the excellent instructions. Tom (by the way, being 93 found it hard to apply the bonding liquid neatly, will have help next time)"

3/25/2014, Thomas Tarpley, Charlton MA


"Just put the strip on this past Sunday and I immediately felt relief, it was amazing. No pain when I went to bed, trying to keep the sheets away from my toe. I can't wait for the toenail to grow out to see if I get permanent relief, i.e., straight toenails, but will have to be patient since the toenails grow so slowly. I made sure to follow the directions to the letter and had no problems, except trying to contort my leg/foot to get the glue on the second side of the toenail strip. I still have one more toe to work on but am anxious to getting that one done too. I'm cancelling the appointment with the podiatrist to have the toenail cut. I'm so glad I found this and if it works, it is worth every penny."

3/19/2014, Diane, Aiea HI


"You have no idea how much I appreciate this item. I have suffered for 6 months and just overnight I am pain free. Thank you, Thank You, Thank U. I am foot loose and fancy free!"

3/13/2014, Shaunet Wetthuhn, Killam AB


"I had a very painful ingrown thumbnail, the throbbing was constant and I was ready to have my thumbnail removed. I found CurveCorrect online and gave it a try. As soon as I got the brace on the pain was gone! I have used since on other nails that are heading for the curve that could end up ingrown and I would highly recommend this product both for problems and maintenance."

3/10/2014, MM Gold, Hiram OH


"I stubbed my toe very badly over a year ago. My toe was bruised and by the time I went down to urgent care to have them prick it with a needle to try and alleviate the collected blood deposit underneath the toe, it was too late. It had dried too much for the needle prick to have any effect.  That is when my ingrown toe troubles began. My toenail kept growing back pinched in deeply on the sides where the discomfort was so great, I couldn't sleep at night. If it rubbed against bed sheets, or somebody lightly touched my toe by accident, I'd scream in pain. Even simply trying to trim my toenails became cumbersome. I was told by my sister in law who is an MD that I would probably have to cut the sides of my toenail out with a possibility of the toenail never growing back normally. I began my search on other options and came upon your product. It had a high rating on Amazon.com with all the reviews by people going through the same ordeal as myself. I decided I'd give it shot before going in for a surgery that my sister in law refused to do on me because she knew how painful the procedure is. I went onto CurveCorrect's website, and everything went smoothly online and days later my shipment arrived. My husband helped me attach it, and it took away the pain I've been enduring for over a year. I painted nail polish over it and it's been keeping the bottom portion of my toenail flat. I can't wait until time passes and there's more growth.  Most importantly, it saved me from tremendous pain!!! I can workout normally, wear heels again, trim my toenails and not scream in pain while doing it, and sleep comfortably!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This product is a God send! And I don't have to go through surgery! I'm going to recommend my sister in law check it out as another option for patients who don't want to go through surgery!"

2/19/2014, Tina


"Excellent product. Follow directions and it works great. My big toe is ingrone to the point I couldn't wear shoes. My toenail was almost a half circle. Put strip on my nail for 6 weeks, its getting straighter and straighter. Looking normal now. A bit pricey, but one visit to the Podiatrist is probably 4 times the cost, and much more painful. This procedure is effective and pain free."

 2/15/2014, Robert C, El Dorado Hills CA


"I have had ingrown toenails for many years and nothing seemed to work until I tried curve correct. I haven't used it long but it seems to be working so far and I wish I looked this product up a long time ago."

2/15/2014, Michelle Doyle, Chantilly VA


"I've had bad ingrown toe nails for a few years and was about to book an appointment with a podiatrist when I came across your product when researching ingrown toe nails. I've tried many things in the past and ordered your product with minimal hope that it would actually work. After a few days of using Curve Correct I could actually touch my toe nails with out them hurting. After 3 weeks I cannot believe the difference your product has made and I thoroughly recommend anyone with ingrown toenails to give it a try!!! Thanks for a great product that does actually work!"

2/15/2014, Avril, Queensland AU


"For years I had ingrown nails both right and left feet and they were on both sides of my toes, they were so painful to a point during winter time I had to wear open toe shoes, my visits to the nail salon were ending up in tears because the pain was so bad. I have even considered surgery but I didn't go through with it. I was so desperate I didn't know what to do anymore. I was doing research online and happen to come across this website. I didn't even think twice about the price, I just ordered the product, I wanted pain free toes. The shipment was so fast. The directions on how to apply it was very easy, after couple of days the pain was going away. After two weeks I was pain free on both toes. Because of the ingrown toe nails my nails had become so narrow. The product had raised my nail to where it's supposed to be, I have normal looking toe nails. Because of CurveCorrect this winter was the first winter in a very long time that I wore closed toe shoes with no pain and I'm loving it. I wanted to thank you guys for creating this amazing product that's doing an awesome job."

2/10/2014, Marie Bagumyan, Tujunga CA


"I've tried your product on eight of my home visit clients so far who suffer chronic ingrowing issues. So far, all positive feedback."

1/27/2014, Marilyn M, Registered Nurse, Tantallon NS


"As a dancer, my toenails had bothered me for as long as I can remember. I wanted to try anything to avoid surgery. When I came across this product I was so excited and had to try it! I immediately saw results and the swelling on my toes went down drastically! The only thing was that my toes were a little sore for a few days. It's been about 6 months since I have used the product and only one of my toenails is starting to curve back. I read that some people may need more than 1 treatment and so I am going to try the treatment again because I was so impressed with how quickly it worked. Thank you CurveCorrect!"

1/8/2014, Payton Truett, Birmingham AL


"Thank you very much, this product is fantastic and I have recommended it to several people.
Kind regards"

1/4/2014, Kim, London UK


"I put my brace on 2 nights ago, yesterday my toenails were a little sore, just from the slight pressure of the braces. Today my toenails are not sore or swollen. My toenails are almost completely flat after just wearing the brace for two days. The brace has not impacted my day to day activities at all - walking the dog and weights training are still going on as per usual with no discomfort.

My ingrown nails were not severe or long lasting (mind you they were VERY painful) but my toenails break easily and low causing in grown nails due to the natural curve of my toenails. Since applying the brace my toenails are flat AFTER ONLY TWO DAYS and I am no longer in any pain.

I was strongly debating whether this product would work but was looking for a permanent fix. In Australia podiatrists fit metal braces to your toenails (a very similar concept) but it is costly and very visible. I am very happy with the discreet appearance of the toenail brace and the ease with which i could apply them myself.

Thank you for fixing my toe woes."

12/23/2013, K M, Browns Plains AU


"Having experienced having to wear braces on my teeth twice over a period of 5 years, I had a strange thought that perhaps someone had developed braces for toenails as well! I was in luck, and found your company.

After searching the stores for toenail treatments that never seemed to work, trying different methods of cutting my toenails, and finally considering ingrown toenail surgery, it was a pleasant surprise to find a product which should be used in every podiatrist clinic in the country.

The toenail braces work immediately, and over time the toenails get straighter and straighter! It is far cheaper than any toenail surgery, I am sure! The only hard part is the application, but with a little practice or a partner to help, it is a small hurdle to overcome.

Thanks for a great product!"

12/22/2013, Jimmy J, Weslaco TX


"This has got to be the greatest product in the world, especially when your toenail is hurting. Way better than any surgery. WOW, THIS COMPANY DELIVERS THE BEST AND THEN SOME. Product works so good, and company shipped so fast. It really is a miracle product that works fast. Thank You sooooo much. My big toe healed thanks to you guys."

12/20/2013, Elaine, Everson WA


"Great product! I have been using CurveCorrect for a few weeks now and am pleasantly surprised that it is really working. Being a runner, it is extremely important that my feet feel good when I am pounding them on the streets. The CurveCorrect treatment is relieving the discomfort as well as straightening the toenail on my right big toe. One suggestion: before applying the strip to the toe, be sure to trim it to the correct size so that it does not adhere itself to the cuticle next to the toe. Also, slightly round off the edges of the strips and file them smooth before applying. I found that the square edge of the strip was irritating the cuticle. I gently removed the strip with tweezers, cleaned it up, filed it down, and re-applied it with a smooth, rounded edge. Problem solved. Running pain-free. Thank you CurveCorrect!"

12/15/2013, Bob Mooney, Batesville MS


"I had four very bad in grown toenails this past year and even had one toenail surgically removed, talk about pain...three shots in your big toe ouch! Needless to say it grew back more than once. I was so tired of the pain and not even being able to work because the pain was so bad and soaking my feet in hot water in the middle of summer to say the least. I researched everything I could to avoid ingrown toenail surgery and found curvecorrect. I was willing to try anything. The product came and I put the toenail brace on with a bit of trouble at first getting it to stay. Glue one side hold until dry and then the other and away you go. The in grown toenail pain was gone very quickly the same day. I did have trouble with pain in my toenails so I had to remove them after about ten hours. Wrote the company and they got back to me very quickly. Turns out it was correcting my toenails too quickly so they had me cuts the toenail strips in half and then they sent me new strips for thinner toenails and it was like magic. My toenails are growing just like the picture on the website. It's been a few months now and I've only replaced one toenail strip so far when it came off. I give this product the product of the year award and tell them thank you for taking away my terrible foot pain. I highly recommend this product. I feel like I don't have to worry when I get one again because I have my safety strip on, so I know I won't get one, and haven't. Thank you so much for this product I can't thank you enough."

12/2/2013, Kendahl, Bennett IA


"My sister and I have both tried CurveCorrect and both have had positive results. It's refreshing to know that there's an easy way to correct an ingrown toe nail without having to have them removed or just having to live with the pain. We had a hard time reusing the strips that had fallen off, but with the one that stayed on we noticed improvement within a few days. You can not only feel it working, but you can see that CurveCorrect is really working and that your toe nail will be normal again."

11/26/2013, Marci Jensen, Circleville UT


"Hello Jason,

I tried CurveCorrect on a few clients. The results were amazing. A couple of my clients volunteered to try the product for me. After only a week, I had calls telling me how much relief they had from ingrown toenail pain. And that their toenails were forming into the correct flatter shape they toenails should be. Now that I know how amazingly simple they are to apply, how gentle and safe the toenail braces are, and how well the product works, I can use them now with confidence. 

Such a simple little thing that comes with such a big reward for my foot care clients. 

Thank you"

11/21/2013, Bernadette Middleton, Stoney Creek ON


"I felt immediate ingrown toenail relief on one of my toes using CurveCorrect. So glad there is a non-invasive answer to this problem!"

11/19/2013, J Newman, Mooresville NC


"Just wanted to provide you feedback on your product: WORKS! WORKS! WORKS! I've suffered with an ingrown toenail on my left foot for years. Just happened to find this product on the web, ordered it, and two weeks later my toenail is straight! No more digging into my toe! Even my doctor couldn't believe it! Thanks!"

11/12/2013, Jim H, Bellbrook OH


"Without CurveCorrect I seriously think I would have cut off my toes (sorry to be so harsh). I couldn't play with my son or sleep in bed without the sheets hurting me. You never really know how much you loooove your toes until they are in sooo much pain. I finally bought CurveCorrect after months of wishy washy agony. I am so happy that I did! Within a day my tootsies were pain free. Now I use the CurveCorrect whenever I start feeling any ingrown toe nail pain. LIFE LONG CUSTOMER right here! (also, read the instructions! I read reviews from prior customers on how to apply the band... less glue is more glue ! ;) ) Hope this makes you feel as good as it has me!"

11/8/2013, Nicole C, Sacramento CA


"Best solution for ingrown nails. Similar products only come with one toenail strip that comes off too early. This product comes with ten and great quality strips and glue."

11/7/2013, Lewis P, Lincoln RI


"I was considering corrective surgery for ingrown toenails. I am an active swimming and cycling enthusiast and the ingrowns were affecting my cycling. With curve correct, I was able to achieve complete ingrown toenail relief without surgery and all the inconveniences that go along with a surgical procedure (travel, parking, time, recovery time, etc.). What a great product!"

10/27/2013, R W, Guelph, Canada


"Great Product. Quick Delivery. Exactly as described."

10/23/2013, RSC, Bostic NC


"This is an AMAZING product. I don't know how I lived without it. I suffer from chronic ingrown toenails due to extreme pronation of both feet. I applied EXACTLY as instructed and within an hour had relief. Be sure to follow the directions exactly as written or the product will not work. I think the manufacturer could provide more strips given the high cost of the product."

10/15/2013, a.e., Deer Park WA


"It works!"

10/10/2013, KL, Boca Raton FL


"Both the seller and the product delivered as promised!"

10/4/2013, J. Smith, Vacouver WA


"My daughter’s ingrown toenails had gotten to a point where she was in so much pain, all of the time, that we were considering ingrown toenail surgery. I was desperate for a solution and came across CurveCorrect. Honestly, I thought it was just another empty hope for relief. Much to my surprise, CurveCorrect was like a miracle. The minute we put on the toenail brace, she had immediate relief. After a few months of using the braces her toenails are NORMAL, flat, and pain free. Thank you so much CurveCorrect!"

10/3/2013, Michele, Highlands Ranch CO


"Arrived quickly. Was skeptical about the product, but it really does what it claims to do. Very impressed."

10/3/2013, Kt, Marlton NJ


"Prompt service, great product as described."

10/2/2013, Amy Wagner, Fairview TN


"Hi, thank you for sending the wider toe braces. My ingrown toenail has improved considerably. The pain is pretty much gone!
Thanks again."

9/29/2013, Tom, Clinton WI


"I first used CurveCorrect in May and kept it on for over a month. When I took it off the toenail looked slightly better so I put another one on and still have it on although very soon it will need to be replaced because my toenail needs to be trimmed. With the CurveCorrect band on there is no ingrown toenail pain and the toenail looks very good. After I take it off, I will know better if it retains its present shape. Initially, I did find it difficult to put on and I lost some of the bands because they are transparent and hard to see. Others I didn't cut to correct length. It is easier for me to apply now with practice. I just put one on another toenail that is less curved and am awaiting the results.
I am grateful for this product, but wish the bands were sold separately or more bands were included in the package."

9/22/2013, Monica Donley, Portland OR


"Exactly as expected. I'm still in my first couple of weeks of use, but so far it seems promising."

9/22/2013, C.S., Everett WA


"My podiatrist had said my red and swollen ingrown toenails weren't yet severe or painful enough to warrant surgery. They were so painful though, that I started avoiding walking and working out at the gym. They even throbbed at night under my sheets.

I was skeptical but also hopeful, when I found CurveCorrect online, and decided to try it, especially because of the money-back guarantee. The kit arrived within days, but I procrastinated for a good while before trying them, because I thought they'd be difficult to put on. When I finally did follow the instructions, they went on like a snap, and the pain in my nail-beds literally lifted away in minutes!

Now, I wish I hadn't waited so long. I sent a note off to my podiatrist right away, and I also told all my sisters, who've been suffering with ingrown toenails for years.

Thank you for inventing this simple but effective product. The price may seem high, but it's actually cheaper than one visit to a doctor or podiatrist! Please take it from me, this really, really works!"

9/20/2013, Rita Wilde, Nashua NH


"I have suffered from ingrown nails for many years. My podiatrist has recommended ingrown toenail surgery to remove parts of the toenails on several occasions. As a last-ditch attempt, I purchased this product. Delivery was very fast, and after a few failed attempts, I was able to attach the strips successfully. The pain relief was almost immediate! Within a day or two, my toenails appeared normal and flat and I was completely pain-free. I've found that the toenail strips do come off after about 10 days but I've purchased a 2nd kit because this is still the easiest and most effective treatment I've found. I've never worn the toenail strips continuously for more than 6 weeks, so eventually the toenail curves have returned. This time around I will attempt to continue treatment through a full toenail regrowth. Even if this isn't a lifelong cure, it's a much more appealing option than ingrown toenail surgery, and actually very cost effective."

9/19/2013, Lucy Ducat, Portland OR


"Sweet relief! Immediately! I've been considering going back to a podiatrist to get my big toe nail cut again surgically as I did many years ago, but decided to give this a try. I could not even touch my nail/toe, even the slightest pressure (like a sock) killed it. I couldn't wear closed toed shoes and with winter approaching I was a bit desperate. I got ingrown toenail relief the minute it was in place just crazy! I'll have to report back on the longer term affects of straightening out the toenail as it grows, but for now I'm one happy camper, THANK YOU!"

9/19/2013, Marcy Holroyd


"Fast shipping. Excellent product, so happy I purchased!"

9/14/2012, Annette K, Phoenix AZ


"Great product! I would buy it again and def recommend it for anyone dealing with ingrown toenails!"

9/12/2013, KM, Oceanside CA


"The product arrived promptly and worked as advertised. The customer support team went above and beyond the call. I accidentally spilled the solvent when using it. Not only did they send me a free replacement, but they gave me a tip for what I can do while waiting for the replacement to arrive. It's great to know that CurveCorrect really stands behind their product!"

8/12/2013, a.n., Fairfax VA


"My first attempt to try this product made me frustrated. The ingrown toenail strip fell off after a couple of days, and I struggled with the second try. It would not stick. I emailed customer service, and demanded refund information, even though it was not within the required time frame. I was very angry, and felt as though I was a fraud victim!

I received a rapid response from Jason, the service rep. He gave me suggestions regarding the application of the toe nail strip. He also assured me that he would help me get my refund asap, if I was still unsatisfied.

His suggestions worked! And the toe nail strip stayed on from Memorial Day until I trimmed it off on July 20th!! The main mistake I made was using too much glue. Jason stressed the importance of using a drop no bigger than the very tip pf the toenail strip. The toenail grew out much straighter. All infection and ingrown toenail pain was gone. The toenail does have a small "ridge" on it, but I didn't have to have surgery to fix the ingrown nail.
I golf, and I had no problem wearing golf shoes. I wear sandals in the summer, and (with my toenails polished) no one noticed the ingrown toenail strip. I will need to replace the strip for another month or two, to ensure the entire toenail has grown out, but I have no worries about that.

Thank you, Jason!"

8/6/2013, Jane Lacey, Acme PA


"I would like to tell you that your customer service is above and beyond that of any company. You guys are awesome. Great company and everyone should learn from you. Jason, you are truly a pleasure. Thanks for all."

8/5/2013, Judy Ellis, Pembroke Pines FL


"I was skeptical about the curve correct claims but my toe hurt and I was considering ingrown toe nail surgery so I purchased the kit. From the moment the toe nail strip went on my toe the pain eased and then ceased! Heaven. After 4 months of using the strip my toe and nail are still ingrown toenail pain free. A wonderful product."

8/1/2013, J Shiells, Barrie ON


"I purchased the product for the second time, as found it helpful in straightening my toe nails. This time I received glue in a different type of container. On the first application, I squeezed the container to get out the glue and found it suddenly burst out of the nozzle staining my clothing. Now, with half of the glue gone I doubt I will be able to complete the treatment.
In essence, the product does help with involuted toenails. However, the packaging is unsatisfactory and I warn you to be careful with the glue container."

7/24/2013, Tom Kutrowski, Cardiff UK

CurveCorrect Response: Hi Tom. Thanks you for the review and I apologize for your stained clothes. Our glue container is an improvement on the old one. It now has a pin in the cap that seals the end and prevents it from drying out for extended periods. It is possible that during shipment yours developed some pressure that released when you squeezed it. However, the amount of adhesive in the bottle is enough to apply literally hundreds of braces due to the incredibly small amount required to bond a brace. If you lost half the adhesive, there is still a sufficient amount for 10 braces but please contact us if it's not.

Cynthia, CurveCorrect


"I have tried everything to fix my ingrown toe nails. This was so easy and painless. No more dr. visits for me"

7/22/2013, Alex St. John, Murrieta CA


"I just received my order and am so happy. Thank you for being so prompt when I called to complain that I hadn't received my order, dating back to April. I was never worried about the integrity of this company, just at the delivery time! I can hardly wait to try it out on my daughter's toenails. I have many acquaintances with ingrown toenails and I will definitely recommend your product.
Thanks again"

7/16/2013, Eszter K, Toronto ON

CurveCorrect Response: Hi Eszter. Thanks for the update. I'm glad we were able to resolve this issue quickly. Packages lost in the mail are uncommon however it does happen occasionally. Please let me know if there's anything else we can help you with.



"I am quite satisfied with your product. I've been battling ingrown toenails on my big toes for several years. Both podiatrists I saw recommended ingrown toenail surgery. The first wants to cut down both sides of the nails and the second doctor wants to remove the toenails completely. The CurveCorrect was a last resort because my daughter is getting married in 2 months and both suggested treatments were completely unacceptable. I've been wearing the ingrown toenail brace for 3 weeks and though the pain isn't completely gone, it has eased considerably. The toenail is severely curved so I figure it will take time to grow out to a point where I doesn't hurt anymore. I look forward to having a pedicure and nice toenails for the wedding. Thanks for a great product."

7/15/2013, Diane Buss


"This treatment is AMAZING! I was in so much ingrown toenail pain, I was willing to try almost anything. I ordered the ingrown toenail braces and read the instructions very carefully to be sure I did the application correctly. I applied the ingrown toenail strips and within minutes my pain had subsided. I have been wearing the strips for a few months and my toenails are reshaping and I have NO ingrown toenail pain. I would recommend trying this product if you have severe ingrown toenail pain!"

7/8/2013, Linda H


"I never write a review but I am making an exception here. I was in so much pain when Curve Correct arrived. Within 2 hours of putting CurveCorrect on my toes I was ingrown toenail pain free. If you suffer from ingrown toe nails Curve Correct is the answer!"

7/8/2013, Sandra Watkins, Mead WA


"I was hesitant on purchasing this item, thinking it wouldn't make that much of a difference. Boy was I wrong. I put it on Tuesday night. By Wednesday morning I could visibly see the toenail laying flatter. The next day I had absolutely no ingrown toenail pain in my toe (even when putting extreme pressure on it). Amazing product. Good packaging & instructions. Worth the money. Plus I received the product in 2 days. This is the way a company should conduct business."

7/7/2013, Michelle Scharff, Acworth GA


"Though I had ingrown toenail surgery at age 15 it provided some relief but did not solve the problem entirely. I'm almost 50 now and the toenails on both big toes caused me problems on and off in the years since due to an excessively curved shape. I ordered CurveCorrect in December 2012 and used the toenail strips until the end of May of this year, 2013. After the first week or so I noticed a huge improvement, and after applying the strips for five months my toenails no longer curve into the flesh. What a relief! I also used them on the toenails on both 'index toes' as those also curved into the flesh, causing discomfort. That problem has also been eliminated. For a $51 investment including shipping I would recommend this to anyone having ingrown toenail issues before resorting to medical intervention. This process was virtually painless, unlike the ingrown toenail surgery I had as a teenager. I will say applying the strips took some practice but it got easier after the first couple of applications."

7/4/2013, Marc, Erie PA


"The product arrived in an incredibly fast time of two days! I applied the CurveCorrect ingrown toenail treatment and had immediate pain relief. After only one week I can see a difference in the shape of the toenail bed."

6/20/2013, Candace Bixler, Austin TX


"I applied CurveCorrect the day after I received my kit - amazing, I went from throbbing pain to ahhhhh! I experienced almost instant ingrown toe nail relief. I am hoping that this will reshape my toenails over time and eliminate this problem."

6/4/2013, Leslie


"Just wanted you all to know that we applied the ingrown toenail brace to my daughter's toe and she got IMMEDIATE RELIEF. Your company is amazing. We had been to her pediatrician twice and they did nothing but prescribe antibiotics for the inflammation and soaking her foot for the ingrown toenail pain.

She is ecstatic. She's 13, so that's quite an accomplishment.

Thanks so much."

5/31/2013, Ginny Vanderlinde, Federal Way WA


"Super fast shipping. I had a difficult time getting the plastic piece to stay glued because my toe nail is so curved. So I had to do the modification of placing the plastic piece lower near the base of my toe nail. Haven't had any toe nail pain since I started using this product - so I would have to say it is working. Try it out!"

5/31/2013, Jennifer Lang, Grand Forks ND


"My feet felt better in a couple of days, I'm optimistic about this (I even went to a podiatrist), who wanted me to come in twice a month (not to mention repairs) for 18 months at the cost of $2400. This sounds better than that."

5/29/2013, Mari Laczko, Toronto ON


"This product is so amazing. After my full ingrown toe nail treatment is over I will be sure to give it a full glowing review. I've been telling everyone about it already bc I'm so amazed by the inner workings of this product. If I hadn't Googled home remedies for ingrown nails tho I would've missed purchasing this item! So I'm grateful."

5/28/2013, Shery Laczko, Fremont CA


"I just want to say that this product is a GODSEND! I'm 23 and I just recently got my first ingrown toe nail. I didn't have the courage to try and take care of it on my own and I was even more terrified of going to a doctor to have it removed. I did some research and ran into your website. I thought I would give it a try. Anything was better than the doctor. With a lot of high hopes I used your product and not even a full week in did I start seeing results, and feeling the results were even better. Even since I used your product I have been recommending it to EVERYONE I know. thank you thank you thank you so much for bring the best remedy for some of the worst pain with little cost and with little to no pain during the whole healing process. thank you sooooooo much!!!!!"

5/18/2013, Mercy Hernandez


"The delivery was much faster than I expected and the product exceeded also my expectations. Two gigantic thumbs up!"

5/15/2013, Karen Putnam, Los Angeles CA


"Thanks, I was skeptical about this treatment, but in 2 days I had no pain--after months and months of pain and several podiatrist visits with no relief--I was amazed. I hope continued treatment can eliminate this problem all together, but I am very hopeful now! Thanks again!"

5/6/2013, Joan M, Alexandria VA


"I had a very sore & infected toe. The pain was bad. I had soaked it several times in epsom salt, maybe helped a little. Had been hurting for probably 3 months or longer before I contacted CurveCorrect. Felt like the toenail was in-bedded in one side so deep that there was no hope. I am, well, lets say a Nana, ha. And I am ashamed but I was so afraid that I would have to go & have Dr. cut it out. And the fear that I had was so bad. No, I take it back, I was petrified of the thought of the Dr. shooting needles in my toe. I know some of you think it might be really silly to be that afraid, I wish I could be like you. But unfortunately I'm not. As my husband says, "It is was it is". And boy I get tired of hearing that. ha ha
That's when I started searching to see if there was any alternatives, and I found the CurveCorrect. I read the reviews and was hoping & praying that it would work for me. And that this site would be safe to order from also. Because as most of us know, most things are not safe. And there is a lot of false things told. So what can we believe. So I called and spoke with this guy on the phone, I told him if this worked, I was going to be sure and right a review. So here I am. Ok, I applied my first strip on 1-25-13. Toe seemed to feel better very quickly, but then few days later my toe still hurt from infection some. But quickly felt better in day or two. The strip popped off and I applied new strip on 3-19-13. That strip stayed on till today which is 5-5-13. I had not cut my toe nail for probably 7 months waiting for it to grow out. Well today I was able to cut the toenail straight across with no problem, for the first time in months. I am not even going to apply another strip cause my toenail is right at the end of my toe where it should be. Sorry for the long review to anyone who took time to read it. But if anyone has toe so soar and so very scared of going to Dr to have it cut out, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. My toe felt better because it raised the toenail up an took pressure off immediately. This was great.
Thanks to CurveCorrect.
Sincerely, to all cowards like this Nana

5/5/2013, Barbara Eagleburger, Nixa MO


"Great and fast customer service! :)"

5/4/2013, Sheryin Laczko, Fremont CA


"I started using your product recently and can tell that this is the answer to my curved toenails!"

4/20/2013, Cil Stengel, Phoenix OR


"Yes, took away toenail pain immediately.
Thank you!"

3/31/2013, Sherry Davis, Shelby Twp MI


"This really works. I had a very painful ingrown toe nail and was scheduled to go on a trip with my daughters in a little over a week. I ordered this product with quick delivery and received it the next day. After three days the pain was gone and I was able to enjoy my vacation pain free. Thank you for a great product."

2/25/2013, Sonya Niemeyer, Granite City IL


"I am very pleased to carry your amazing product CurveCorrect in our day spa in Phoenix Arizona at Madison Ave Salon & Day Spa. I tried it on a client who gave me your website to check into. After reading up on the product I felt very confident to tell her to go ahead and purchase. I tried the strip on her 3 weeks ago and she came in for her next scheduled appointment totally pain free. We went ahead and put on another strip on her two big toes after her pedicure again. I just ordered a few packs to carry in the salon for all those clients that always have issues with ingrowns.
Thank you from all my future pain free clients!!!"

2/23/2013, Debra Caristo, Nail Director, Madison Ave Salon & Day Spa, Phoenix AZ


"CurveCorrect is the only product that not only made my toes feel better, but actually grew my toenails back into the proper healthy position they're supposed to be in. The pain of ingrown toenails was excruciating and with this product the pain is gone. I recommend this to any and everyone who has a problem with ingrown nails, it really works."

2/23/2013, April Douglas, Fort Washington MD

"I was in so much pain that I decided to give the CurveCorrect kit a try last Fall. I felt it was a fair price, IF it worked. My husband did the application process for me as it is hard to do for me, plus I didn't want to ruin my acrylic manicure. :-) He did break one of my bands on application, but once he got the hang of it, he placed the next two perfectly on my big toenails. Where they stayed firmly in place for a couple of months. One had to be taken off finally because it had grown out to the end of the toenail. The terrible pain was relieved in the first week, so I highly recommend trying CurveCorrect!"

2/19/2013, Cheryl Pilcher, Puyallup WA


"I must say that once I got the application technique down to a science :) I have no more pain This product is truly amazing. Maybe you should sell it to Podiatrists so that they can give their patients alternatives to cutting. Thank you again and for all of your help."

2/11/2013, Nadia Naraine, Toronto ON


"Over the years I have had an on going issue with ingrown toe nails. I have even had surgery on one toe, but the toe nail is still curved, I still always have to be careful about aggravating it again. Home remedies have worked in the past, but only temporarily. I then found CurveCorrect online, and I was so excited! The high probability of eliminating the problem forever? It was worth a shot, so I ordered it. I began using the toe nail strips immediately and was amazed; within a few weeks my toe nail was straightening out! 9 months later I am almost done with the entire treatment and am extremely satisfied! I will definitely be ordering another set of toe nail strips for my other toe! THANK YOU CURVECORRECT, you have truly been a God send!"

1/21/2013, Stephanie Young



1/20/2013, Pamela Du Mond


"I was ready to make a dr. appt for my ingrown toenail until I saw curvecorrect and thought what the heck give it a whirl, these toenail strips WORK!! Kinda hard to apply but with every one you apply you find what works for you. I got instant relief and the company is very good to work with and helped me with everything I needed I would recommend this product to everyone and skip the podiatrist!!! Thanks curvecorrect"

1/18/2013, Tammy, MN


"Have had them on for about a week and appreciate the fact that the pain in diminishing in each foot. The pain was so bad just a week ago and at least I can put shoes on now!"

1/15/2013, Kathleen H, Brookfield CT


"You guys are a pleasure to deal with. I’ve ordered another kit. Blessings for the New Year!"

1/6/2013, Denise Richard, Albuquerque NM


"I absolutely love the CurveCorrect program! I have an ingrown toenail, went to my doctor as the pain was absolutely unbearable. Literally, you could blow on my big toe and it would hurt. Needless to say my doctors answer to my problem was to remove the toenail. I elected not to do this as I had viewed the procedure on YouTube and it wasn't my idea of a pleasant experience. I did my own research and chose your product about 2 months ago. I have religiously been using the CurveCorrect strips and I must say in about 2 more months not only will my ingrown toenail be gone - my toenail is flattening out instead of being curved! The relief I was given from the CurveCorrect strips was instant! As soon as I glued them on it was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend this product to anyone that is experiencing ingrown toenails. Continue use and trust me your toenails will flatten out so you don't have the problem again. I live in Florida so the fact that the toenail strips were clear was a big plus. We wear a lot of sandals and flip flops down here. Absolutely a simple wonderful solution to ingrown toenails and believe me IT WORKS!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful "pain free" solution to ingrown toenails!"

1/1/2013, Caroline Pate, Pace FL


"It took only a couple of days to see curvecorrect toenail strips make a drastic improvement & give ingrown pain relief of my great toenails. It's a month now & I can to see a 100 percent improvement. My toenails have now grown over the VERY deep indentations on both sides where my toenails used to painfully grow into my skin. I almost made an appt. with the podiatrist to cut & narrow my toenails on both sides, which may have worked but I would not have been happy with the recovery process & the look of my toenails. Thanks to CurveCorrect! I'm blessed to have discovered this quick painless solution!!!"

12/26/2012, Tina R, Upland CA


"I want you to know I'm pleased with the results to this point. Yes, the curve is less than when I started using the toenail braces. Thank you."

11/26/2012, Mike Norton, Eastpointe MI


"I love this product, it helped right away. It is well worth the money. I didn't really trust the testimonials because I thought it was made up by the company, and now I am righting to say what a wonderful product this is. I dealt with both my big toe nails being ingrown constantly filing them, well this makes it so much easier. Thanks again."

11/18/2012, Lora Nosterud, Moosomin SK


"I applied your product to help straighten a fingernail which has a bad curve to it after getting infected, falling out, then growing back unusually. By the end of the day my finger was aching and throbbing the way it would if I left it in a clamp all day. Desperate to get it off, I started filing it away as soaking acetone did not seem to loosen it. Filing seemed to lessen the pain as it made the band a little thinner and gave it a little more "give". I left it on as the pain has been relieved. I just wanted to say thinning the plastic band enabled me to lessen the pain yet keep using the device. It is still correcting the nail as it is flat and I am going to let it grow out. I thought you should put this in your instructions as I did not see any mention that one could thin the plastic to reduce discomfort if the pressure is too great. I'm glad I discovered this by accident!

Thank you for making this product. I like that it is clear and considerably cheaper than the competition."

11/16/2012, Kate W, Carrollton TX

CurveCorrect Response: Hi Karen. Yes, the brace, while very thin, generates a great deal of force and can cause pain unless modified for fingernails. The brace was designed for the nail on the big toe. Our instructions do mention briefly that the brace will require modification for children, toenails other than the big toe and fingernails. This is due to those nails being thinner and requiring less force to correct. The need for modification is rare however because the vast majority of ingrown nails occur on the big toe. When needed, the method we recommend to reduce the correction factor is to narrow the brace with scissors rather than thinning because we feel it's easier to do with consistency.

Thanks for the feedback. We're glad you're happy with CurveCorrect! Cynthia


"Thank you Jason!

The new adhesive is MUCH better! The bands are staying on for about 3-4 weeks now. My two big toes are mostly happy (they have a LOT more growing to do till the full width of the toenail is grown out...we had cut the outside of the toenail so far back. It's a long haul.

I'll be ordering a second round of product later this week. I have nearly gone through my supply (had a few mishaps at the beginning) and I'm not quite done yet.

Great product. My feet are happy, therefore, I am happy. :-)


11/12/2012, Pam Lefkowitz, Lincolnwood IL


"I had a bit of trial and error with my first application as I have a very severe curve to my toenail, but once I got your product to stay on, it worked wonders. I saw improvement within the first week."

11/6/2012, Amy Almberg, Las Vegas NV


"I have been plagued by ingrown toenails for many years. I had my right toenail surgically treated last year, then developed the same problem on my left. My only relief was to (painfully) cut the ingrown toe nail out. I know that a permanent cure for ingrown toenails can be achieved by letting the toenail grow out, and by keeping it cut straight across. I didn't know how I was going to achieve that because I was having so much pain. I found your product online, thought it sounded like a logical solution, and ordered it. I literally got relief from the pain immediately after application and remained pain-free. I want to continue using the product until I can achieve my goal of having the toenail grow out with the natural curve that nature intended.
Thank you!"

11/5/2112, Laura Williams, Lavale MD


"Thanks for a great product… no more pain."

11/5/2012, Tammy Jagosh, Bradenton FL


"I am very happy with your product. I had a pretty bad ingrown nail right before I had to go on a trip with extended hiking. I paid for the express shipping and it arrived the next morning. I easily applied it that day. Within 2 days my toe felt much better and I was able to walk 8-10 miles a day in rough country off trail without a problem. This was one of the fastest solutions I have heard of for ingrown toenails."

11/3/2012, Eric Harper, Highlands Ranch CO


"Prior to getting your kit, I tried using a toothpick stub under the toe nail for several weeks, but all it did was temporarily compress the flesh under the toe nail down without changing the curve. Once the toothpick stub was removed, the toe nail would again dig into the flesh and cause pain.

In my case, it was able to significantly reduce the curvature and the toe nail retains the reduced curve for weeks even after the strip comes off.

From the time I first put on the CurveCorrect strip, six months ago or so, my ingrown toe nail pain immediately went away and has not returned. I recommend your product."

10/19/2012, Scot Nakamura, Honolulu HI


"I had been experiencing discomfort from the ingrown toenail on the big toe on my right foot for a few years now. I tried cutting a groove in the middle of the toenail. This did not work. I tried cutting out the offensive toenail but this did not work. So I resorted to a professional pedicure every 3 to 4 weeks. This worked in the beginning. There was a lot of painful digging and probing to cut the toenail and of course it cost a bit. Lately this stopped working for me as the discomfort did not go away for long.
I decided to surf the web for how to get rid of an ingrown toenail and found “curvecorrect”. I ordered the 10 treatment box. I felt relief from pain within 15 minutes of applying the first toenail strip. I left the strip on for 5 weeks. During that time, I trimmed the toenail back once. No more discomfort. No more pedicure. This remedy has really worked for me and it is so simple to apply."

10/18/2012, James Hughes, Selebi Phikwe BW


"Six years ago I had an ingrown toenail that I took to a podiatrist. Having him cut away at my toenail was one of the most painful experiences of my life and what's worse is that it narrowed the toenail! I did not like the look of my new toenail. So this year when I started having pains on my other big toe, I decided to look into alternative treatments. I was too scared to go back to the podiatrist. That is when I happened upon CurveCorrect. I liked the claims and positive reviews. Even more, I liked the idea of actually returning my toenail to a flat shape instead of making it more narrow. 2 months down and I am a very happy customer. Next up, I'm going to try it out on my formerly podiatrist-corrected toenail which seems to be curving yet, again."

10/10/2012, Adrienne M, Houston TX


"I've only used one treatment so far, but the pain in my toe is basically nonexistent now. And I truly appreciate the fast and helpful customer service. Thank you!"

10/8/2012, Kristen McEvoy, Canton MA


"The CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment is a very complete, well prepared kit that effectively relieved the terrible pain of my badly ingrown toenails. Reinforcement strips are applied to the toenails which straighten the severe curves - I felt relief in a day or two and over time the toe nails were remarkably straightened. It is important to read and follow the well written instructions carefully. Thanks for a surprisingly effective product!"

9/25/2012, Ron K, Palm Desert CA


"I ordered CurveCorrect and it really does work. It corrected some very painfully ingrown toenails. I would recommend it to anyone with ingrown toenail pain."

9/17/2012, Russell S, Florence SC


"Your product worked beautifully from the first time I used it, providing near-instant relief. This is especially important to me because I am a dance teacher. This is a brilliant, simple solution.
Thank you for your integrity and standing behind your product."

9/17/2012, Margarita Evart, Lake Oswego OR


"I have had an ingrown toenail for years; I can’t even remember when I first noticed it. Like many of the other people here, I went to several doctors, but never tried the surgery. The doctors never provided me with any relief, and all of the temporary measures they tried only increased my pain.
I also tried some self-help ingrown toenail remedies, some of which gave me some temporary relief, but my pain always returned, because the root cause hadn’t been corrected, i.e. my toenail was still not straight.

In one of the doctor’s offices that I visited, I saw an ad for a toenail brace, applied by the doctor, which over time pulled the curved part of the toenail up, correcting the cause of the ingrown nail. It made sense to me, so I was looking into trying it. While researching that on the web, I came across CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment which uses the same basic principle (minus the doctor), so I thought I’d give them a try first.

I couldn’t believe it! After putting one on, I had some additional pressure on the top of my toenail, but that was to be expected. It wasn't painful, just a little pressure, but that let me know it was working…it was pulling the corners of the toenail up. But by the second day, the toenail was noticeably flatter, the pressure was gone, and my ingrown toenail pain had almost disappeared completely!

I’ve continued to use the braces, and intend to keep using them until they’re gone, and I can see my toenail continuing to flatten out. Hopefully the toenail will be permanently corrected, but even if I have to keep using the braces, it’s not a big deal; just put one on every month. That’s a LOT better than any of the other options I know of!

Oh, one other thing: I’ve had to interact with CurveCorrect’s customer service several times, and they’ve always been extremely helpful and responsive.

A great product that actually does what it says, coupled with great customer service! That’s why I’m writing my first ever testimonial."

9/7/2012, Larry, Warrenton VA


"It does work, my pain went away after just the first couple of days."

8/15/2012, Robert Amos, Augusta GA


"I’ve had ingrown toe nails for a while. I always thought that maybe they would grow out normal all by themselves, but I was wrong. They just kept getting worse, and started to get infected. It hurt to walk. After going through so much pain I had to do something, but I didn't want to get toenail surgery. I knew some people who’ve had surgery and still have ingrown toe nails and now even worse. I had my mind set to find something to help me with my ingrown toe nails, and then my prayers were answered I found your product. I read all the reviews and it seems like the treatment helped a lot of people so I had to try it, I had to do something about my ingrown toe nails. In the first couple of weeks I felt the change and also saw the change. Thank you so much. I'm so thankful for CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment. Thank you so much."

8/10/2012, Maribel Cuevas, San Saba TX


"Dear CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment,

Thanks for making such a wonderful product! My ingrown toenail pain on the sides of both big toes was instantly gone as soon as I applied the CurveCorrect strips. I was concerned with it being summer and sandal weather that I would not be able to paint my toenails with this product on. I painted them right over the toenail strips with no problems at all.…..and I did this the very first day I applied them.

I have had the CurveCorrect strips on for about 3 weeks now and no issues with having them on and my toenails painted, which makes me very happy!

Thank you again from an extremely satisfied customer!"

8/9/2012, TJ Jagosh, Bradenton FL


"CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment is amazing! I wish I would’ve taken before and after photos. I could tell a difference after one day. I am on my second week of treatment and there is a huge difference. It really helped to have the extra CurveCorrect reinforcements (instead of only one treatment, like that other brand). I can actually sleep lying on my back now pain-free (no pain from the blankets on top of my toes), it’s wonderful. And, as a woman my toes no longer ache after a day of wearing a heeled shoes. Only wish I knew about this product years ago. I will most definitely recommend and spread the word to anyone I know that is suffering from ingrown toe nails."

8/9/2012, T Crawford, Indianapolis IN


"Before using the CurveCorrect toenail braces both of my big toes had nails that were "U" shaped. Very painful! I had been going to get a pedicure every three weeks to trim away the ingrown toenail and they were having to trim more every time; it was only getting worse and worse. I had a doctors appointment to discuss referral to a podiatrist and ingrown toenail removal when i did a Google search on the subject and came up with CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment! Once I got the braces, and applied them it was obvious immediately that they were going to provide at least temporary relief and within 2 days my ingrown toenail pain was mostly gone. Now after 6 weeks I am eagerly anticipating the day that my toenails will stay as straight with the braces off as they are with them on. I have had issues keeping the braces on, especially if I wear close-toed shoes, but the CurveCorrect staff has been very supportive."

8/8/2012, Vicki Fletcher, Aloha OR


"I found your product while researching how to get rid of an ingrown toenail online. I had already been to a podiatrist and orthopedic foot doctor. Treatments from both these doctors have proven to be temporary fixes. The ortho doctor mentioned the next step being ingrown toenail surgery involving cutting into the nail bed and removing part of my toenail. I thought I had nothing to lose by trying your product. The pain from my toe was gone once I started using it. The swelling of the side of my toe has greatly reduced, probably due to the fact that the toenail is no longer cutting into my toe. I will continue to use CurveCorrect and monitor my toe as the toenail grows out. I am very optimistic that once the toenail has completely grown out, the problem will be resolved. Your product has been well worth the cost! Thank you!"

8/7/2012, Nancy Graham, Bluffton SC


"The CurveCorrect worked for me in just days! I only had to use 3 of the toenail strips. I am extremely impressed with this product. I have had years of painful ingrown toenails. I even had to have ingrown toenail surgery once which never fully corrected the problem, my toenails still came back ingrown. I would definitely recommend CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment to anyone who suffers from ingrown toenails.
Thank You!"

8/6/2012, Adam Mayer, Phoenix AZ


"I don't think I've ever purchased a product that worked as well as CurveCorrect did. I'd been complaining about a sore ingrown toenail for months and thought it was just something I had to put up with as part of the aging process. My toenails have gotten thicker and tougher to cut, and it was really hard to pull the corner of the toenail of my big toe out to get it cut straight. It kept wanting to burrow into the corner of my toe. Then my husband found your product online and we decided to give it a try. We followed your very clear and easy instructions and bingo! Problem solved. Within a day or less the toenail pulled out from the corner of my toe and started growing out properly again. I left the strip on for several weeks just to make sure. Then I removed it easily with nail polish remover. I thought I might have to apply another strip later on, but so far my toenail doesn't need it. I've told family about your product and will recommend it to anyone. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius!
Thanks so much."

8/6/2012, K Dickey, Ashland OR


"My name is Brandy, I live in Minnesota. I have had ingrown toenails ever since I was little. Here I am only 20 years old and I've already had 3 ingrown toenail surgeries to remove half my toe nail. Once on my right foot, and twice on my left foot. Unfortunately they both grew back and became ingrown and infected again. I've had pain for years and nothing had helped and the medical bills were becoming too much. Then I stumbled across CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment. I've been using it for 3 months now and it has helped my toes grow more flat and has relieved my pain significantly. I cant stress how thankful I am to have found something that finally works!"

8/6/2012, Brandy Renwick, Cottage Grove MN


"When I ordered CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment, I was desperate. I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk and now I can put my shoes on and walk without being in constant pain. Also the side of my toe was red and swollen and that has now disappeared. Prior to using CurveCorrect I went to two different podiatrists and one wanted to take part of my toenail off. I wouldn't let him because I had this done before and I refuse to get any more painful needles in my feet. The second doctor cut the toenail and actually made it much worse. I did, by the way, let the doctor know that he made it worse. His next suggestion was different shoes which is fine but that doesn't do anything to help relieve the pain or treat the ingrown toenail."

7/3/2012, Susan Hom, Phillipsburg NJ


"Your product worked wonders on my toe. I had already had the ingrown toenail surgery years ago on my left toe and it was really staring to bother me again and I did not want to lose any more of my toe nail. CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment has my toenail looking and feeling great. I wish I had known about this before I had the surgery. Great product!"

6/11/2012, Alice, Minneapolis MN


"I was taking off my sock and the strip did finally come off after 3 1/2 weeks. In that time, my toenail flattened noticeably. I am very pleased. I don't have a seriously inflamed or hooked toenail, it is a toenail that had been smashed once and then over time started to grow in a more curved shape and had started to dig into the upper-inner corner of my toe. I've put another strip on to continue the treatment process, but already it's better than it's been in a few years. I would highly recommend CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment!!"

6/11/2012, Geneva Cooper, Newton MA


"Thanks sooooo much! It’s refreshing to deal with a company that cares about the success of its customers. I will heartily recommend your CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment to anyone I know that has ingrown toenail problems. Thanks again."

6/1/2012, Denise Franco, Albuquerque NM


"I'm so glad I tried CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment. I almost went to see a foot doctor to help with the pain I was getting from my ingrown toenails, thankfully I didn't!
I found CurveCorrect and within a week I was ingrown toenail pain free!! It's so easy to use and I can still keep my toenails painted and cute with them on! It's also really neat to watch your progress and be able to see your toenails straightening out. I'm so pleased with this product"

5/25/2012, Kristie Hamilton, Palmdale CA


"I am delighted with CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment! My big toe on my left foot was the problem, and the pain was stopping me from exercising, causing me to walk gingerly, if not limping. It throbbed and was a very sensitive area. I searched the web, found CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment, was scared off by the $40-50 price, and found some articles talking about putting cotton under one's toenail edges. I tried that twice, but either I am a klutz or the toenail was embedded, but I wasn't about to get anything under the toenail edge. The articles also said overly tight shoes were a frequent cause. Out went several of my newer shoes and back to unfashionable but steadfast sneakers. So maybe it wasn't getting worse anymore, but it wasn't getting better. In the past, I had cut back the toenail to alleviate pressure (even though that is not recommended). That didn't seem to be working this time. My toenail was discolored, so I tried convincing myself something else was going on and I called a podiatrist. It would be a week before he could see me (after verifying I did not have diabetes, because then it is serious). And the receptionist warned me they may take the toenail off. All this time, CurveCorrect was in the back of my mind because it made SO MUCH SENSE to pull up the edges of the toenail. So I plunked down the money and purchased a CurveCorrect kit.

Boy am I glad! My kit came in a handful of days (like 4, still before the doctor appointment I hadn't canceled quite yet). There are numerous steps in the instructions, but they are clear and understandable. My first toenail strip bent and started cracking in the center, but it was still doing its job. After all, there was a lot of toenail/force needed to pull up my toenail edges. My pain went away on day 1 (canceled the doctor appointment. I'd like to keep my toenail, thank you very much) and I have never had any pain in the ~2 months afterwards! I don't think that is typical, but I was extremely grateful. After about 2 weeks, this toenail strip cracked thru all the way, I easily removed it and put on a new one. The only trouble I had was the adhesive tube got plugged. But I took a normal sewing/hemming pin and broke open the plug, and the adhesive flowed again. I admit it is a little weird having the extra bulk sitting on one's toenail, but this is a small price to fix the earlier pain."

5/24/2012, Sue Cox, Rochester MN


"I will say I think even in the first two weeks of treatment I think it's working. So much worth the $45! and not going to a podiatrist or having somebody cut my toe up! A Brilliant concept, I must say, like braces for the toe."

5/24/2012, Geneva Cooper, Newton MA


"I am very happy to report that your CurveCorrect ingrown Toenail Home Treatment worked fabulously - I only had to wear it for a couple of weeks and it completely corrected the problem that had been bothering me for over six months. Previously, I had tried Dr Scholl's Ingrown Toenail Pain Reliever and cutting a "V" in the nail-neither one worked at all. Thanks to you, my toenail is now completely pain-free. What a GREAT product. Thank you."

5/23/2012, Linda Hansen, Sonoma CA


"After 24 hours I saw a change in the shape of the nail. Amazing! In one week the pain I had been living with for years was gone. I was ready for ingrown toenail surgery. CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment lived up to its claims. Thank you, thank you."

5/23/2012, Jody Sawyers, Washington MO


"Hi CurveCorrect People,
My name is Andy. I do not have an ingrown toenail...have never had one…and prayerfully never will. My wife, Connie, however did and I am pleased to use the past tense.
Our primary doctor sent her to a podiatrist who fiddled with the toe, offered useless advise and sent her home...a complete waste of time. My only consolation is that my insurance paid most of his office visit.
Having been married for sixty three years and having a strong desire to live out the rest of our time as pain free as possible, the discomfort Connie felt was my discomfort also. Actually, discomfort is an understatement. The old girl was REALLY in pain.
Despite rumors that seniors are computer illiterate I am quite adept at navigating the internet.
Long story, short. I Googled: "how to get rid of an ingrown toenail" Your page came up. I ordered your product. It came in a couple of days. We followed the easy application instructions and now two weeks later, the situation is 90% improved and Connie is pain free.
No doubt the best forty five bucks I have ever spent.
Thanks a lot Curve guys. CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment was truly a God send."

5/23/2012, Andy Lipton, Levittown PA


"I am a diabetic with no health insurance and recently developed a painful and infected ingrown toenail. I was worried about losing a foot or the exorbitant cost of surgery without insurance. CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment is amazing! Fast relief of pain, and relief of pressure allowed the toenail bed to heal."

5/14/2012, Eric Davis, Riverside OH


"Thank you, thank you, thank you – So glad I chose CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment over the competition. Your thorough replies to my follow-up questions after the purchase are the epitome of true customer service. Then you blew me away when you volunteered to replenish my CurveCorrect kit supplies until I got rid of my ingrown toenails, including sending me a larger bottle of the adhesive and more reinforcements (if needed in the future). Wow. That type of customer service is so unheard of nowadays. Only a company that truly believes and has confidence in their product’s efficacy does this – thanks again."

4/25/2012, Nick, Greensboro NC


"Your CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment is powerful. Yes, it works like it says it does. I'm glad I read the directions six times because the adhesive is very strong and cutting the reinforcement to proper length is critical. My wife helped apply the reinforcements because my toenail was bent way over into the skin, but after two days it started straightening up. Amazing stuff. Thank you!"

3/22/2012, Ron Zielinski, Ephrata PA


"I have had ingrown toenails for quite a while. Finally one toe became painful and began affecting my walk. Clearly I had to do something about this, but I was not anxious to undergo the medical solution that would be painful, slow to recover, and may or may not work. I started searching the web and found CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment.

The science of the CurveCorrect method won me over. Here is method of ending my ingrown toenail problem without the painful, expensive, and lengthy medical procedure. At such a reasonable cost, I figured it would not be a big problem even if it didn’t work.

I have been so very happy with this method. It came in a convenient container where I can keep everything together. The instructions were simple and direct. I had no problem applying the CurveCorrect strips. When first applied, it feels "weird” but it quickly becomes totally transparent. Invisible to the eye and totally painless, I noticed improvement by the end of the first month and it just keeps getting better."

3/19/2012, Diana Jenck, Vancouver WA


"After struggling with ingrown toenails since my teen years, I recently found CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment. I am so glad I did! I ordered the kit 2 1/2 weeks ago and am already getting relief from the pain of my ingrown toenail. I can see that my toenail is beginning to flatten. The strip was fairly easy to apply, as long as I was patient and allowed the adhesive time to work. Everything I needed was provided in the kit. I was also pleased to see that the strip is transparent, allowing me to use CurveCorrect while wearing open-toe shoes. Even better, I experienced immediate relief and avoided painful, costly surgery. I am so happy with CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment that I have recommended it to a friend. Thank you, CurveCorrect!"

3/17/2012, Beth Brown, Nashville TN


"I purchased CurveCorrect recently after two months of agony with an ingrown toenail on my right big toe. I had tried soaking my foot in hot water and Epsom salts which reduced the pain for a few minutes after. I tried an over-the-counter liquid which was guaranteed to work. It didn't work. I was surfing the internet for how to get rid of an ingrown toenail and I came across CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment which after reading the information made a lot of sense. I read this after I had read about going to a doctor and possibly having part of my nail cut away to relieve the pain. CurveCorrect was about $50.00 and a doctor’s visit would cost about $250.00 or more. So I decided to try CurveCorrect and to my amazement, my toe started feeling better within three days. I wasn't without pain but it was less pain and after about five or six days the pain was so minimal that I didn't feel it. I felt like I was back to normal, and I was. I have used CurveCorrect for two months now and I have absolutely no pain. The toenail is not growing down into my toe now. I will continue to use CurveCorrect until I use up all the strips which will take probably six to ten months. They are real easy to put on and once they’re on they stay on for three to four weeks. I am sold on CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment and I have told several people about them."

3/15/2012, Don Schramm, Oceanside CA


"My first attempt at putting on one of the strips wasn’t too successful, it popped up in the middle of the night. But my second attempt worked perfectly. My toenail was ingrown was on both sides, so I was concerned it wouldn’t work right. After one day the pain was subsiding..and now it’s been on for 5 days and the pain is almost gone. I was very skeptical, but would try anything to avoid a toenail removal or having it ripped out, such as my husband used to do to his own ingrown toenail. So far so good CurveCorrect."

3/14/2012, Lezlie Pershern, Eveleth MN


"After years of gymnastics and dance, my feet have been a chronic source of pain…particularly my deeply curved big toenails, which cut into the nail bed and are aggravated every time I take a walk, work out, or even do yard work. Over the years, I’ve done all the "right” things to correct the problem; in fact, I have worn nothing but boxy clogs for years. Nothing has helped change the nail profile or reduce the pain, however. I went to a podiatrist once, but he caused more pain than he alleviated. When the little adhesive strips came on the market to improve breathing, I fantasized being able to attach them to my nails in order to lift the nails out of my flesh.

A month ago I was lying in bed sleepless with throbbing pains in my toes, when I finally decided to Google "how to get rid of an ingrown toenail”. When I saw CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment, I was immediately optimistic – it was the solution I had dreamed about so many years before! I ordered it on the spot, and it arrived within a few days. The pain decreased the very first day. Within about 12–24 hours, the pain increased slightly as hooked nails lifted from the edges, but this pain was short-lived. The one big surprise was that the nails straightened almost immediately. I cannot even remember seeing them straight before. It has only been a few weeks now, but I am confident that this will finally solve my problem, as I have been walking and working physically, and my feet are completely silent! I have lived with this problem for nearly 40 years…THANK YOU!!!"

3/14/2012, Christine, Cape Cod MA


"I recently bought your product for my husband who has had ingrown toenail problems for years and he put it on his toenail and it has helped immensely. I don't know how that little strip of plastic or whatever it is can stop the toe from hurting but it has. He has no ingrown toenail pain at all anymore. Thank you so very much and we would recommend your product to anyone who has ingrown toenails. IT ACTUALLY WORKS and we have tried it all."

3/14/2012, Amy Brown, Livingston TN


"I have been struggling with an ingrown nail on my big toe for the last 15 years. I would get a pedicure about once every month and the nail tech would cut out the part of the toenail that was imbedded and hurting. I was afraid to let a podiatrist cut it out because I had heard a few horror stories and also knew from internet research that it could possibly grow back again. I was getting tired of being a hostage to the nail salon industry and almost made an appointment with a podiatrist when I came upon the CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment ad on the internet. As we all know, many fabulous online claims are baloney and a waste of money. I read all the testimonials which I knew could all be fabricated. I even called and spoke to a person at CurveCorrect. Well, I did order it and it was the most amazing thing! Within three days my toenail was totally a new flat shape that didn't press into my skin. I am sold on this product! I would never in a million years write a testimonial but I just had to make an exception for CurveCorrect. It will be the best money you ever spend and you will be happy, happy, happy."

3/13/2012, Jane Backus, Leander TX


"Amazing! I recently moved for college in New York when my ingrown toenail developed. Needing to walk on a regular basis, the pain soon became unbearable. I began using CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment and shortly after the pain subsided. I am now able to get from destination to destination painlessly thanks to CurveCorrect. It has worked wonderfully for me and I am so grateful to have avoided any surgical procedure! Thanks CurveCorrect!"

3/13/2012, CH, New York NY


"I just applied CurveCorrect today and already my toenail looks and feels so much better. It was amazing how the shape changed so quickly. I hadn't realized how curved my toenail had become. So glad to have found this product."

3/13/2012, Nancy Nettik, Palm Harbor FL


"Good Day team at CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Treatment,
BEFORE: My toenails were ingrown for almost 5 years and I have been having a lot of problems with both my big toes. The ingrown toenails were hard to remove and I was spending $30.00 every 2-3 weeks to get them removed by a nail care specialist or a pedicure center. Every pedicure - it gets bloody and toenail had to be literally yanked out of my sides. I was contemplating permanent ingrown toenail removal through surgery. I had toenails that would chip off due to constant pressure of wearing shoes at work.

AFTER: I have used CurveCorrect for around 5 weeks now. The first two days after I applied the strip, my left toe stopped paining. 4 days after my right toe stopped paining. Now I use them almost every day and they are permanently stuck to my nail and very easy to use. My right toe was more of an issue than my left toe and my toenail was totally curved. Now after 5 weeks of CurveCorrect I do not even feel my curve on my right toe. Initially the curve on the toe ended up breaking my strips due to the large angle of curve but I later filed it in to make it more flat. I have not done a pedicure in 5 weeks straight and that's a great relief. Thank you for this product and I cant wait to have normal toenails growing out of my toes again. Few more weeks to go I guess!!"

3/13/2012, Venkat Ramakrishnan, Jacksonville FL


"Dear CurveCorrect:
I wanted to tell you my experience using CurveCorrect Ingrown Toenail Home Treatment. You can use my testimonial. I am providing more detail because this may help someone considering CurveCorrect. Sadly, many people cannot afford to see a doctor and your product can help a lot of people. I had an ingrown toenail on my left big toe. I had to sleep on my one side. I tried soaking, in grown toenail medicine from the store and trying to trim the nail.

Nail Trimming
I watched videos on YouTube and tried trimming but I had little relief.

I then watched videos on YouTube to see what a podiatrist would do. I knew it would cost me at least $150 to 200 to go to the doctor. They essentially numb the toe and slice the edge of the nail. Based on my research, this does not solve the problem of a curved toenail. I knew I would be back at the doctor in a few months.

Why Do You Get Ingrown Toenails?
I want to figure out why this happens. Based on researching the subject, I came to a few conclusions. The first is that our feet are jammed into shoes 10 hours a day or more. The toes are jammed together and the nails on the big toes start to curve or arch. Think McDonald's arches. The nail edges dig into the skin and you know the pain. The main problem is our big toes. As we get older or heavier, this becomes a bigger problem. Shoe designers really torture women in jamming their toes into little shoes. After you fix the ingrown nail with CurveCorrect - get bigger shoes. So I decided CurveCorrect made sense and was my last option before the doctor.

I ordered on a Saturday morning. After ordering, I emailed the company. The young man got my order out priority mail that day and I got the kit on Monday. The kit is professional with great instructions and everything you need.

Installing CurveCorrect
The installation is easy, just take your time. The last step can be a little tricky. A friend or loved one can help but I was able to easily do it by myself. You could go to a nail tech and they could do the job in about 5 minutes but you can do it yourself.

As soon as it attached, I had a little weird sensation like my nail would pop. This just showed it was starting to work. I started feeling a little relief and slept better that night. The next night I was back to normal. In a week or so, the nail started to flatten out and the curve started to disappear. I had the same problem with the other toe and CurveCorrect worked like a charm.

CurveCorrect solves the problem by taking the curve or arch out of the nail. The doctor will not be able to do that. I highly recommend CurveCorrect. It helped me twice. I have sent you this because a lot of people cannot afford to go to the doctor and the pain can be awful. Older people or people with diabetes can end up with a serious health problem with an ingrown nail. Try CurveCorrect. Thank you again."

1/30/2012, Frank Lardino, Lighthouse Point FL


"I have used CurveCorrect now going on three months.... I was apprehensive thinking "ya right!" but I am a bigger chicken (having my ingrown toenails surgically removed)... So I thought - what do I really have to lose..... Well, let me tell you... I have been ingrown toenail pain free for three months... The first two days my toes were sore and I knew it was working.... But pain free since. No more digging and bleeding toes... I most definitely endorse this product, and have recommended it to others. Thank you for a product that actually does what you claim it does!"

1/23/2012, Linda McDougall, Sherwood Park AB


"CurveCorrect is FANTASTIC! I can't believe how this little strip eliminated months of ingrown toenail pain. I have been using it for a month and already the toenail is straightening out. I am able to walk, run and recently went on a two day pheasant hunting trip and swear I walked 25 miles with no pain whatsoever! I wish I had found this product six months ago. If you have an ingrown toenail do yourself a huge favor and just buy it. No risk and you won't be sorry!"

12/25/2011, Gary Kanwischer, Eagan MN


"My toe has undergone a remarkable transformation. I feel like I've been given a new toe. I'm skeptical of products that make grand claims because most don't provide results. I must admit that I bought your product with much skepticism but I was desperate to end my ingrown toenail pain and it was a last ditch effort to avoid another surgery. It's been about 3 weeks and my toe looks fantastic, I wish I'd seen this sooner. Thank you so much!"

12/21/2011, Samuel Fram, Tomball TX


"I am ticked off at the doctor I saw who said there is no alternative but to remove the toenail or surgically remove the edges. My ingrown toenail was bad enough to be cutting into the flesh on both sides of my left toe. After a few weeks the toenail is slowly straightening out without any surgery and I have no more pain from it. I think it will be completely healed in a few more weeks."

12/20/2011, Bob Davis, Seffner FL


"I have been so amazed at the improvement of my ingrown toenails from the use of CurveCorrect. I have only been using it for a little over 2 months, but I am very happy.

I had bruised both toenails from walking 4 miles a day in the wrong shoes. They partially detached and started growing back ingrown. It was so painful that bed sheets hurt. I tried the usual remedies i.e. soaking and inserting cotton wedges without any benefit.

After only 24hours with CurveCorrect I could put socks and shoes on. Only "bad" note was when my sister saw them. She had both her nails permanently removed from painful ingrown toenails. She just wished she had seen this first.

Thank you for the help."

12/19/2011, Shirley Perry, Scottsdale AZ


"THANK YOU FOR A PERFECT FIX! 5 years ago I dropped a concrete block on my foot. The toenail was knocked off and regrew very deformed. 3/8" of the toenail grew into my flesh on one side, and the entire length had to be kept cut off. Toenail trimming was bloody and PAINFUL. My toenail is now growing out at a normal angle and toenail trimming is just minor maintenance. THANK YOU!"

12/19/2011, Val Spear, Chattahoochee FL


"Hello, after my first month using your product I am pleased to report that my ingrown toenail pain is gone and my toes have become much more healthy looking. Ingrown toenails on both big toes that had recently been worse than any other point in the last year was eliminated less than 2 days after putting on the braces. As you recommend I will continue treatment for the next few months even though my toes feel great."

12/5/2011, Carol Becker, Chandler AZ


"I have been battling an ingrown toenail for close to 10 years. I've trimmed it, cut it, and filed it, without ever having much relief from the constant pain. In the past year the pain level reached an all time high. My poor toe hurt 24/7 to the point where I had to sleep with my foot on top of the covers for the last 3 months. Recently, I've seriously considered contacting a Podiatrist in hope of having my nail completely removed...and trust me, the thought of that procedure just about gave me nightmares! Then, last week, on a whim, I researched how to get rid of an ingrown toenail on the internet and found your product. Your pamphlet was easy to read, the instructions were easy to follow, and the application itself was easy to apply. However, I was still skeptical and had very little hope for relief as I was placing the tiny strip across my very sore toe. OMG, OMG, within 24 hours my toe was 100% COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I can scrunch my toes up inside my shoe and wiggle them all around WITH NO PAIN! I can touch my toe, I can stand for long hours at work, and I can walk without limping! I've been wearing size 7 1/2 sneakers to give my toes more room and now I can wear my normal size 6 shoes WITH NO PAIN! I want to tell the whole world about your web site and feel sorry for the gazillion "ingrown" sufferers who have not yet discovered your product. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Your biggest fan."

11/18/2011, Candace Uriarte, Hagerstown MD


"I had severe ingrown toenails with infection and bleeding for about 10 years. I had a previous ingrown Toenail Surgery 17 years prior. I was told by a local podiatrist that I needed to completely remove the toenails. I was just about to go through with it when I decided to do a little of my own research. I found your website and although I was doubtful your product could match its claims, I bought it anyway. After 2 weeks my ingrown toenail pain was gone completely and my toenails are much less curved. 4 months later they have not returned. Totally amazing! I've had ingrown toenails most of my life and now they're gone! I'm back to running 4 miles every day without any problems. I would highly recommend anyone who has an ingrown toenail to check out CurveCorrect before having ingrown toenail surgery."

11/9/2011, Jordan Cower, Quakertown PA


"I received your ingrown toenail strips yesterday afternoon and applied them before I went to the gym. I really could not believe the relief from the pain that I had been suffering with ingrown toenails. It's only the second day and I can already see my toenail straightening out. You have a great product and a supporter for life."

10/27/2011, Gillian Wright, Capitol Heights MD


"I had ingrown toenails and was in so much pain that I could not walk. My podiatrist suggested ingrown toenail surgery. It proved to be very helpful as it relieved most of my pain. However, I still couldn't tolerate basketball and running that I was accustomed to. I came across your website and with hesitation ordered your product. Incredible! I was able to walk without pain the next day I applied them. Thank you so much for giving me back the ability to exercise without ingrown toenail pain."

9/12/2011, Connor Ross, Manor PA


"I just wanted to write and let you know how much your product helped me. It has now been less than 2 weeks and my toes feel great. I am 100% pain free. At first I had trouble applying it so I called and talked to a gentleman who was very helpful. I have talked to a lot of my friends and people I know with ingrown toenails, I tell them my story and several have asked me for your website address. I would tell anyone that has ingrowing toenails to try CurveCorrect. Thank you for putting an end to my pain."

6/3/2011, Mark Edwards, Grand Forks ND


"My ingrown toenail pain has disappeared! It took a few days but it is so nice to be ingrown toenail pain free now. It's amazing what a difference your ingrown toenail treatment has made. I'm very glad I took a chance and tried your product!"

3/15/2011, Diana Hall, Chicago IL


"I had ingrown toenail surgery 11 years ago but in less than a year both toenails became ingrown again. A little research turned up CurveCorrect and the results were more than I could've ever hoped for. By the third week my ingrown toenails were healed and by 4 months I could stop wearing them."

3/11/2011, Marvin Guillen, Lebanon NH


"CurveCorrect has removed my ingrown toenails. I have a friend whose husband also has ingrown toenails so I gave her two braces from my CurveCorrect kit. Within a few days her husband noticed a major reduction in toenail pain. My experience with CurveCorrect has been the same. Great product."

3/6/2011, Cynthia Gregg, Hartford SD


"Last Month I returned from a five week backpacking trip to Europe. I learned from previous trips that wearing shoes and walking all day caused my ingrown toenails to hurt and bleed. This time I wore the CurveCorrect reinforcements. What a difference they make! I walked all day, every day without ingrown toenail pain. Not only has my pain gone away but there is a noticeable change in the way my toes look. Before, the nails on both my big toes would grow upward. Now, they have flattened and become lower. No more holes in the tops of my socks and pain from rubbing the bed sheets!"

2/19/2011, Lindsey Markam, Elgin IL


"I'm a new fan. OMG! Walking all day in my work shoes with no pain on the second day after applying the ingrown toenail treatment. Thanks so much!"

12/14/2010, Lara Burke, Elizabethton TN


"I've been wearing the CurveCorrect reinforcements for the past 3 months. I'm now completely free of ingrown toenails. For years I put off having surgery because of the hassle. I found CurveCorrect after having dropped a can of paint on my toe, the pain had become intense. I just can't believe I'm getting these results from a home remedy. Thanks for providing such a great product."

10/17/2010, Lee Baskette, Jacksonville FL


"We found CurveCorrect to be very effective on both my son and I. The toenails on both my big toes were ingrown. I always had to buy shoes a size too large with loose fitting socks to make sure they didn't rub my toes. I tried everything to soothe the pain, creative toenail trimming, jamming cotton under the toenail, everything but surgery. Now I can manage my condition easily. Thank you so much."

10/11/2010, Olivia Dirkson, Trenton NJ


"I love CurveCorrect! My results have been incredible. I don't wear them all the time anymore, just when I notice the nail beginning to curl again. Ingrown toenails must be in our genes because my brother and both his daughters have ingrown toenails. They've also had good results using CurveCorrect."

4/10/2010, Juan Cisneros, Temecula CA